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Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank everybody for doing all they can to help stop the spread of coronavirus. I know this disruption to our work and way of life is not easy.

I am aware of the concerns about an influx of new visitors to Ocean City during the current public health emergency.

Although Ocean City ordinarily welcomes all visitors, at this time we must take all available steps to enforce social distancing recommendations and limit nonessential travel to Ocean City.

As authorized by Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order No. 108, Ocean City will prohibit online marketplaces from offering short-term rentals until further notice.

In addition, I have spoken with leaders in the Ocean City real estate community, and they have agreed to suspend short-term rentals of any kind. I urge all private owners to do the same.

We are facing a health issue, such that we have never seen before.

In his letter of March 19th, the Mayor of Ocean City has asked everyone to stay home, limit travel to only essential destinations and practice social distancing.

Last week by city mandate, it was announced that the Ocean City beaches and boardwalk are closed.

Mayor Gillian has asked all residents to honor the Governor’s directive to shelter at home, and for all residents to stay at home. 

We ask that we all do our best to follow the Governor's, the CDC’s and the Mayor's restrictions and requests. Please check with your Broker if there is a new temporary policy concerning government restrictions and requests, particularly with respect to Spring Rentals. Please follow the direction of your Broker.  

There are many resources available to you to use as guidance.

Do Realtors provide an essential service?

The real estate industry not only helps provide homes for millions of Americans, but it also creates millions of job opportunities, making the industry a massive driver of the U.S. economy. But with more state and local governments implementing stay-at-home orders, Realtors are having to redefine how they do business, as they find ways to meet with clients and also maintain the health and safety of all parties involved. 

The latest reports show that at least 212 million people in 22 states, 64 counties, 16 cities and one territory are being urged to stay home. The challenges that arise from all these orders is that each place has a different list of requirements for what a stay-in-place order entails, leaving Realtors, along with many others (go here for information on notaries, homebuilders and appraisers), to figure out which rules apply to them.