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General Election- November 8, 2022

SEPTEMBER 2: Last day to submit to the County Clerk non-binding question(s) adopted by a municipal governing body upon the filing of a qualified petition by the voters. NJSA 19:37-1.1

SEPTEMBER 6: Non-Partisan Candidate Petition Filing deadline for General Election. NJSA 40:45-8

SEPTEMBER 6: Last day for New Nomination Petition to fill vacancy for Independent Candidate. NJSA 19:13-19

SEPTEMBER 6: Last day an Independent Candidate may decline nomination. NJSA 19:13-16

SEPTEMBER 13: Last day for candidate nominated at a Primary Election for the General Election may decline Nomination. NJSA 19:13-20

SEPTEMBER 15: Last day to fill a vacancy of Primary nominee. NJSA 19:13-20d

SEPTEMBER 15: Municipal Clerk draws for ballot position for municipal candidates.

OCTOBER 10: 29-Day Pre-election Campaign Finance Report Filing. NJSA 19:44A

OCTOBER 18: Last day to register to Vote. NJSA 19:31-6

OCTOBER 25: Last day to file appointment or application for challengers at the Board of Elections. NJSA 19:7-3

OCTOBER 28: 11-Day Pre-election Campaign Finance Report Filing. NJSA 19:44A

NOVEMBER 1: Last day County Clerk can receive applications by mail for mail-in ballots. NJSA 19:63-3b

NOVEMBER 2 thru NOVEMBER 7: Any voter who failed to apply by mail for a Mail-In Ballot may by 3:00pm the day prior to the election at the County Clerk’s Office. See EMERGENCY TIME explanation. NJSA 19:63-3d

NOVEMBER 4 by 4:00pm: Last day to challenge Mail-in voters at the Board of Elections.

NOVEMBER 8: Polls open 6:00am to 8:00pm. NJSA 19:15-2

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