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October 6, 2021

(Ocean City, NJ) The Ocean City Board of REALTORS® is pleased to announce its fall community service project, a drive to collect coats, gloves, blankets, sweaters, and other cold weather items. Donations will be collected now through November 24th, and will be used to give the gift of warmth for winter to the local community via the Ocean City Ecumenical Clothes Closet.

The Warmth for the Winter Drive will collect gently used or new items. Of urgent need this winter are coats, jackets, men’s gloves, blankets and sheets. 

January 04, 2022 
Call for Action in support of A-6206, a bill that clarifies the right of real estate agents to work as independent contractors in New Jersey.
This legislation needs to be signed by Gov. Murphy by Jan. 10 so time is of the essence—please click the link to take action here:
We need as many NJ Realtors to send a letter to the governor as soon as possible to show him we want to retain the choice to work as independent contractors.
Take action now!
Help protect the historic independent contractor status.
Thank you.


Starting on January 1, 2021, each customer will see a separate line item for the Wastewater Service Charge and the Purchased Wastewater Treatment Adjustment Clause surcharge (“PSTAC charge”) labeled as “Purchased Wastewater Surcharge”. The Wastewater Service Charge covers NJAWC’s expenses to collect wastewater, maintain the collection system, pay local, state and federal taxes, and to invest in the aging infrastructure of the wastewater collection system. The PSTAC charge represents the costs the Company pays to the CMCMUA to treat and dispose of the sewage generated within Ocean City. Like the PWAC, the PSTAC charge is a pass-through of actual costs. Prior to January 1, 2021, the Wastewater Service Charge & PSTAC charge were combined as the Wastewater Service Charge line item on a customer’s bill. The Purchased Wastewater surcharge line item is not a new charge, it’s just now been broken out separately on the bill to provide more transparency of these associated costs. Please click here for the FAQ’s for more detailed information